Soar Financial Partners0

Past and current companies

GoGold Resources Inc.

Golden Queen Mining Co. Ltd.


Beaufield Resources Inc.

Jericho Oil Corp.

Galane Gold Ltd.

Minera Alamos Inc.

Nexus Minerals Ltd.

NuLegacy Gold Corp.

Highfield Resources Ltd.

TriMetals Mining Inc.


Alabama Graphite Corp.

Focus Graphite Inc.

St. Andrew Goldfields Ltd.

 Avrupa Minerals Ltd.


Prairie Mining Ltd.


 China Gold International
Resources Corp.

 Ecuador Gold Inc. 

 CB Gold Inc.

 Respect Your Universe Inc.

 iSign Media Corp.


Western Copper and Gold Corp.


QRS Capital Corporation

Declan Resources


High Desert Gold

Tembo Gold Corp.

CuOro Resources Corp.

 Oracle Mining Corporation


Uranerz Energy Corporation

Rockwell Diamonds Inc.


Bullabulling Gold Limited


Man Oil Group AG


Takara Resources Inc.


Treasury Metals Inc.



Condor Gold PLC

Aegean Metals Group Inc.


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